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    “The Native Americans bring us one more gift – this, in the form of a heartening prophesy from the natives of the Andes. According to their tradition, centuries ago, humans took two diverging paths: the path of the condor and the path of the eagle. The condor path, which has come to represent the peoples of the Southern Hemisphere, is associated with the heart, the intuitive, and the spiritual. The eagle path, which represents the peoples of the Northern Hemisphere, is associated with the brain, the rational, and the material. For the past 500 years, the power of the eagle – mental and materialistic – has dominated that of the condor’s spirituality and heart-centeredness. But according to the prophecy, this is about to change…"

    ~ Spontaneous Evolution p. 82-83 ~
    ~ Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. ~



    My name is T. I am from the planet ZyX. I come from a world where there is no famine, war, disease, hatred, greed, environmental degradation, abuse, exploitation, neglect of any kind, and, where everyone lives a very, very long time. But it was not always this way. Our race followed a similar path not too unlike your own on your world, and wound up destroying not only countless lives and ‘lesser’ species, but nearly eradicated life on our planet in its entirety.

    “Through the positive inner transformation of each and every individual,  we restored our world." ~ Chantrutrise (Zyx elder)

    We learned our lesson though, and now enjoy life, this exotic, beautiful universe to its fullest ~ living in balance with nature and communing in love with everyone and everything we come across.

    Some of you might think this kind of life might get rather boring, after awhile. How do we get our kicks other than from in, on, under, above, around and throughout ZyX?!  From visiting other species like the people of Earth ~ sharing our hard-wrought wisdom so you all might choose to avert certain destruction, and join the galactic party!!

    Now, as your scientists are discovering, cosmological travel, let alone from star to star, can be somewhat of a challenge. There are trillions of sentient species, but for all of us to get ~ ‘down and dirty’ ~ in a peaceful, yet fun-loving ~ if not RAUnChaSTiCuLaSTic ~ way, space-faring using our physical bodies, for the most part, can be a burden. Journeying across the ‘astral plane’, or the HEART plane ~ we embody a being from another world who is crying to be heard.  It is a request from a poor soul we simply cannot ignore.

    “For not only for balance in our own world, but beyond." ~ ¥ (another Zyx Elder)

    This is how I came to Earth.  In 1991, a poor soul, ‘Dreamer’ (AKA Timothy Bartsch), a fifteen-year-old boy from Canada, in a dream, cried out to me.  I entered his body and mind, and have since co-habitated it with him from time to time.  We have exchanged.  I have learned much about your world, and he has been learning how to use his talents and privilege to encourage, to the best of his abilities, positive change on Earth.  It has been a mutually beneficial time for both of us, though, on occasion, a somewhat terrifying and depressing experience for him. This is par for course taking into account the current state of affairs spiritual on your world. 

    << Dreamer's story >>

    “I was born in a small city in the beautiful interior of British Colombia, Canada. I was raised by a loving mother and, in ways, a bigot ogre of a father. I was introduced to the piano and cello at the ages of five and eight. I performed well in both and was a high-achiever in public school. I was also in fear of my dad almost every waking moment. Although he wasn’t that physically abusive, he was quite emotionally violent every day. I found the best way to cope was to fantasize about what a better life might be… daydreaming… often while playing music.

    When I was ten, my family moved to Vancouver. The shock of entering a foreign atmosphere without friends or familiar faces traumatized me.  I closed up.  And, because of this, I was branded a ‘loner’, bullied; spending the next few years in abject hell. I dove into classical music evermore as an escape, as an emotional release, a place where I could be me.  I excelled immensely in both of my instruments, though I felt I did not have as much support or advantages as some of my ~ perceived ~ more-privileged peers.

    When I was eighteen, I finally had a girlfriend and a buddy in school. I also had a few musical accomplishments under my belt, and promising prospects for the future pursuing what I loved. This is when I met my first professor in cello to be, who had connections to music schools in Germany, where I wanted to study. And, though I had broken away from the religion of my upbringing, Christianity, a couple years before, I was still in quite a state of rebellion. Besides being a stepping stone to my glorious musical splendour, I saw in this professor someone who upended everything I was told would bring me a good, sedated, and ‘normal’ life.  He was a brilliant musician, profoundly artistic, and knowledgeable of many things esoteric and philosophical. He also spoke four languages fluently and lived in Europe for many years. He was African-American and gay.

    I moved to another province to study with him. After two weeks, I was at this professor’s house, drunk and stoned, receiving a full-body massage from him. As I was about to go back to my dorm, I asked if I could stay the night, knowing what might happen. He acquiesced, and proceeded to give me fellatio. The next morning, I was in shock. I had betrayed everything I was. Here was the hope to my future career that I just got involved with sexually! My father would have killed me if he ever found out.  All my friends and family would be grossed out to say the least. I was disgusted with myself.

    I tried to figure out how to make these cross-hairs straightened out in a reasonable facsimile of truth and happy-endings. God forbid if I told any of my friends and family of the taboo. My only real confidante was a close and loyal friend of the professors. The only way I felt I could manage this inane situation was to lie to the professor that I loved him. He believed me.

    The trauma I experienced with him over the next two years far outweighed anything I had experienced before. But, with his tutelage and connections, I made it to Germany and was accepted into a Hochschule fuer Musik, and thought I was free, at last. My father had died a year into my relationship with the professor. Little did I know that was just the beginning of my life’s unraveling. A month into studies, I felt I needed to be honest with my mother about all that happened, as I was starting to breakdown both mentally and emotionally. 

    She told me to get tested. She heard from a friend of the professors that he had HIV.  I was tested and was found positive. I ended communication with the professor, quit my music studies and  returned to Canada after just one semester,1996. Over the next four years I coped by reverting to the religion of my upbringing, but was quite fanatical about it this time. At the same time, an addiction to pornography began. I became emotionally and psychologically imprisoned. But as I turned twenty-one, I started developing a healthy passion too. I started writing songs and attempting to sing for the first time. The first thing that came to me was the introduction to the song Southern Time.

    Southern Time

    ‘Southern Time, the winds sublime
    A radiant light shines on bygone crimes
    Yet still there is a shadow of hate
    Still there is this shadow of hate
    Northern nights, a time to remember
    The skies alight, the month of December
    Will the rain fall?
    Will the rain fall for everyone?’

    The inspiration for this began as an expression of the incredible impact the professor had on me.  But, what happened between us was just the beginning.  It began a long personal journey of discovery of how people have been hurting people globally since time immemorial, how I have had a part to play in that,and how we as a species might evolve into a more humane, loving and compassionate world."

    *Dreamer’s story continues on the    page …

    If you are unsure of the facts associated with HIV/AIDS and would like to know more, visit here.

    Never again will the sun go down..

    On starving and unloved children
    On civilians caught in war
    On environmental degradation
    On inequality and division
    On disparities of health
    On hopelessness and despair

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