• Eve
    Eva Nakato aka ‘Eve‘ (sister of Robinah) is a musician, film actor, peer educator, and a young woman born with HIV who has dedicated her life to making the world a better place for herself and others. She was just 10 years old when her mother disclosed her HIV status to Eva. Eva, accepting her own HIV status, but not being defined by it, was to become the longest, most challenging, but most rewarding journey of her life.
    When Eva joined PINA Uganda, an organization that provides hope and support to children living with HIV, she realized she was not alone and could put her knowledge and talents to use. Eva could relay her fears about living with HIV with others, and eventually she started to feel, at least, somewhat normal. By sharing her experience using music, dance, drama and film acting, Eva wants to support HIV positive individuals to live positively, and to encourage HIV negative individuals to live their lives in the best ways possible.
    When T met Eva, he was blown-away by her loving and down-to-earth spirit, and her sense of humor. He was astounded by her ability to make time for everyone in the room, and that nobody felt unloved. T is immensely grateful that Eva has decided to be a part of the Southern Time team.
    Connect with her here.
    Facebook: Eva.Nakato