• Lost In Love


    ‘Lost in Love’ is the first commercially-recorded album of the rock opera ‘Southern Time’. The album is the rock opera’s overture, and designed to garner the support and awareness for our organization’s larger goals.
    Southern Time’ is about the need for peace and harmony between ‘the North’ and ‘the South’—from a global perspective. The disparities between these regions and domains, and the lack of willingness from the relatively privileged to reach out, is what our project is designed to address.
    My journey, as heterosexual Caucasian man living with HIV in Canada for the past 21 years, has opened my mind and eyes to others’ suffering that goes well past my own. Despite my struggles, despite almost dying in 2009 from AIDS, and as a performance artist not knowing how many seasons I will continue to be around for, the music and story behind my rock opera speak to the global unity we all need to make positive changes in our world.
    What would you do if you had the opportunity to make a difference? In addition to my own career, devoted to music, other professional musicians are ready to record with me here in Toronto. As well, I have three talented Ugandan friends who are ready to participate as backup singers in the rock opera’s band. I met them at the 2016 World AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa, and now the time is right for them, and for Southern Time.
    By openly sharing my story and unapologetic songs, I am using what time I have left to speak truth and love to power. I am sharing the stage with friends and musicians with their own compelling stories. We aim to be the very change we want to see: no contrivance, no pretention, and no satisfaction without doing everything we possibly can.
    I have the people on board to record and tour as the very incarnation of greater unity between North and South. This is a powerful and important message toward Southern Time’s ultimate aspiration.