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    Here’s Southern Time’s Bandcamp page where you can download T’s music!

    A chronological history of photos and videos to do with Southern Time

    July 22, 2018 ~ AIDS 2018 Global Village opening ceremony performance:

    June 25, 2018 ~ Array Music Soundstage recording of the Southern Time Band:

    Dec 1, 2017 ~ Last day of Lost in Love’s Kickstarter campaign:

    Sept 3, 2017 ~ Supermarket Freef’all Open Mic:

    June 29, 2016 ~ Presentation by Dr. Tony Antoniou on heterosexual positive men living with HIV in Canada, and interview with T after the show:

    February 17, 2016 ~ Two Interviews by Goldie of Tim Bartsch and T:

    December 10, 2015 ~ T’s Toronto Debut:

    July 25, 2015 ~ 36th Annual Grand River Pow Wow:

    July 12, 2015 ~ Performance at Toronto’s ‘Super Market’ open mic:

    Dec. 24/14 – Jan. 13/15 ~ Toronto open mic tour and reconnection with old friends:

    July 22, 2014 ~ My first trip up the Central Coast of B.C.!!!!

    Feb. 19, 2014 ~ My latest photoshoot!

    Dec. 1, 2013 ~ Well, as they say, “if you first don’t succeed, try, try, and try again”… the story of my attempts to make Southern Time a reality thus far, this video I did at the end of this year:

    Jan. 19, 2013 ~And “T’s Adventures in Perth Part II”:

    Sept. 17, 2012 ~ “T’s Adventures in Perth Part I”.  Enjoy!

    2010 ~ Near the end of 2008, Dreamer got gravely ill and nearly died in 2009. He wasn’t monitoring his HIV, was a ‘dissident’ – refusing to believe in this deathly diagnosis of Western medicine. He went into the hospital at the last moment, and later he would have died. He was in liver failure with central and peripheral nervous system damage and weighed only 95 lbs at his worst. He spent six months in the hospital and if it wasn’t for his parents’ continuous love and support, he wouldn’t have made it. Once out of the hospital though, his recovery was quite extraordinary except for nerve damage to his lower spine which effects his walking ability, which hopefully will return one day. In 2010, Shaz and Dreamer performed at the 2010 World AIDS Conference in Vienna.

    Photos: Vienna and the conference

    2007 – 2008 ~ Dreamer felt strongly called back to this project though quite befuddled in which way he should most positively pursue it. So, when in doubt, but with much will, as people often resort to, he winged it. He brought a very good friend along for this ride after much soul-searching, and by the summer of 2007 they worked the rock opera into a two-person form, and ‘toured’ it across Canada.

    Shaz did a one-woman show of hers, ‘Shiny Ropes’, on the same bill ~ Photos

    2006 ~After that mind-blowing trip that was Southern Time’s first production, Dreamer, wanting respite and retrospection, went on a introspective journey to Mexico City, London, Barcelona, and South Africa where he learned more about the positive and not so positive aspects of life, love, friendship, and the differences, similarities, disparities and wonderment of our world, and himself. His favorite place on Earth he’s been so far is South Africa.  A dear friend there welcomed and escorted him around with gracious hospitality. She was the one who discovered the photo of the ‘tree on the hill’, which is the homepage of this website.

    Photos: Mexico City London, Barcelona and South Africa

    2005 ~ First Production of the rock opera “Southern Time” ~ Dreamer’s first stab at finding resolution and healing to all that happened. He had been playing in bands for four years while working on songs that eventually made up this version of his rock opera. He started writing the script for this a year before he put it on while recording the songs that would be in it. By June of 2005, he felt ready to leap forward and take a monumental risk. After all, he was twenty-nine, not getting any younger and hadn’t ‘accomplished’ anything ‘significant’ yet.  He had nothing to lose. He booked and paid for a hall in Vancouver for seven days in December, setting his commitment in stone. He had to make it happen somehow, some way, though he never had any experience acting, producing/managing a production or singing in a band before.

    Photos: The production that started it all