• People In Need Agency
    PINA-People In Need Agency is a youth-led, non-governmental organization established in 2008 to restore hope and dignity to vulnerable children and youths, including teenage mothers, those living with HIV, and survivors of sexual abuse.  By providing a supportive, educational, and an information sharing environment, PINA aims to reduce the impacts of poverty and HIV/AIDS in Uganda.
    PINA’s goal is to mobilize all vulnerable children, both boys, and girls, who are struggling to survive. We work closely with marginalized youths and children who are in need of psychosocial and economic empowerment to cope with the challenges of living with HIV/AIDS, as well as managing the trauma associated with being sexually defiled at a very young age.
    PINA Uganda’s motto: Create Hope and Happiness. We create hope and happiness by giving our people love, care, and an environment to enable them to achieve excellence. As we raise these children as children and youths with elevated standards and expectations, they became advocates, role models, activists, peer educators and resourceful people in their schools and communities.

    Namusoke Asia Mbajja, the founder, and director of PINA met T during the 2016 World AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) in Durban, South Africa, along with a few of the girls, now strong positive young women, that PINA had empowered. Three of these young ladies joined T for his song ‘Lost in Love’ in his performance at the conference as backup singers. T and his friends at PINA have stayed in contact, communion, and collaboration ever since.

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