• Ruby

    Robinah Babirye aka ‘Ruby’ (sister of Eve) is a proud youth born with HIV, a volunteer at PINA Uganda, an advocate, a role model to many young people, a peer educator, and the former Miss  Y+ Uganda (a beauty pageant to end HIV stigma and discrimination) 2015.

    Robinah’s journey with HIV began when she discovered her status when she was just nine-years-old.  She found it extremely difficult to open up about her situation to her friends at school because of the rejection she felt she would receive. Surprisingly, when a friend happened upon her HIV meds and prescriptions, Ruby was relieved that her friend still gave her a shoulder to lean on and kept it a secret.  However, when attending university in 2013, friends were no longer loyal as she recounts being called a heartless killer by some.  The stigmatization from having HIV suddenly became real for her.

    Thankfully, Robinah met Asia Mbajja Namusoke, Executive Director of PINA Uganda, who lit a spark of hope in Ruby’s heart and encouraged Robinah to realize her talents and abilities as an advocate and inspiration to others.

    Achieving a bachelor’s degree in community-based rehabilitation, Robinah has since used music, drama, film and her social media network platforms to give hope and happiness to people living with HIV.  Both T and Ruby hope and believe a cure for HIV will soon be discovered.