Southern Time Productions

Never Again Will The Sun Go Down…

Never again will the sun go down...

Southern Time Productions is a social innovator arts and entertainment company producing great works of music and film to bring awareness of and encourage empathy to social, health, and environmental issues to people around the world. Beginning in 2005 with the production of openly HIV-positive musician Timothy Bartsch’s rock opera ‘Southern Time‘ as a multi-media stage production in Vancouver, BC, since then, STP has been working to produce Southern Time into its intended form ~ a cinematic musical docudrama.

In 2018, STP found the core members of the Southern Time Band in Toronto, and in 2019, we found one of our backup singers, who is also openly HIV positive. The company is now looking to acquire capital to fund the preparation for and recording of Southern Time’s overture album, ‘Lost in Love No More.’

The Southern Time Band’s mission, when speaking to our fans and giving interviews, is to encourage HIV prevention and testing, decrease HIV stigma, demand improved treatment for all people living with HIV, and to finally, find a cure.

With funds generated from the album and concert sales, merchandise, sponsorships, donations, and with investment/partnerships/loans and grants, STP will produce Southern Time in cinematic form. Once the Southern Time Tetralogy’s distribution is complete, Southern Time Productions will create other works of music and art that are in line with its core mission.

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