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To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.


What is ‘activism ‘in this internet age where street protests are extremely governmentally-controlled, and spokespeople for bankster/globalist agendas are mere tools for propaganda?

Wikipedia (a most-trusted source for current, unbiased knowledge ~ LMFAOROTF) states:

“Activism is not always an activity performed by those who profess activism as a profession. The term activist may apply broadly to anyone who engages in activism, or be more narrowly limited to those who choose political or social activism as a vocation or characteristic practice.”

There are also different types of activism.

What I post on my personal Facebook account amounts to ‘citizen’ or ‘internet’ activism, which I hope many of you do.  An engaged and active citizenry is essential to guard against tyranny in all forms.

What Southern Time Productions has done, and will continue to do going forward comes under the definition of ‘visual,’ ‘design,’ or ‘art’ activism, or ‘artivism.’   Our mandate is not primarily profit-driven, but to make people aware of pressing social, health, and environmental issues so that organic and genuine grassroots movements spring up to cajole government and corporate forces into taking action.  More importantly, because the current power structures will most likely not meet our demands, we will build new systems that love, respects, and cherishes our fellow human being, life, and the environment.

We at Southern Time Productions believe that people can responsibly rule and think for themselves.

In the near future on this page, we will have encouraging examples of the work in this above regard that we and others are doing.  Eventually, we will have another page on this website called the ‘Forum,’ where our fans, followers, and fellow activists can connect, share their thoughts, and plan to take action, TOGETHER.

Timothy Bartsch’s (aka ‘T’) running to be a delegate for East York, ON is announced by Kevin Annett for the Republic of Kanata.

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