Another One Bites the Dust!!

Hey folks!  Hope you are doing well. My partner and I returned to Toronto a few days ago, and I am now finally getting back into the groove of post-vacation artistic equilibrium.

The Old Pedomaster is Dead?

And what ‘earth-shattering,’ predictable news this morning!!  Jeffrey Epstein successfully ‘committed suicide’ during his second attempt.  How undeniably and obviously predictable!  With so many potential nefarious connections of how the global elite operates being at least somewhat exposed in some small momentous manner, Mr. Epstein was simply too much of a liability to keep alive.  The first ‘attempted suicide’ did not work, so ‘they’ made sure the second one did.

And, while we are thinking in a big-picture way, let’s go a step further and speculate on how the media events of the last couple weeks played out, and what the media’s intentions might have been.  Namely, the three mass shootings in the USA last week.   This is a rabbit hole I know many of you will immediately shout ‘CONSPIRACY THEORIST!!!’, but as a self-employed musician/entrepreneur, I have more time than most to research how the state of our world and its affairs are run.

False Flag Events

The ‘conspiracy theory’ I am talking about is that of ‘false flag events,’ of which the mainstream media narrates, consist of a story behind them that is unlike and often in complete opposition to the account being told.  Moreover, the evidence that there are holes in the official narrative are often glaring and apparent — if one cares to look even a little way into them.


We have been living in an era where open information is shared globally in an instant, but this freedom may be soon ending or at least, to a degree, harder to access.   As an example of a highly educated and open-minded truthful discussion of the recent American mass shootings, check out Dr. Katherine Horton and Jim Fetzer’s interview regarding the El Paso and Dayton attacks ~ (while the video is still up).

Project Mockingbird

The ‘mainstream media,’ in my opinion, is a shallow and trite form of infotainment, something designed to program the minds of the general public, to manufacture consent for whatever the agenda the elites of our world desire.  I have not watched TV in years, and I highly suggest you do not either.  Propaganda is toxic as it causes cognitive dissonance.

Whenever we are lied to, as in the case of being deceived by a loved one — this causes stress in our inner and physical being.  We do not know what is wrong, but we know SOMETHING IS WRONG.  Propaganda simply means being lied to by one’s government.  And the media, the ‘Fourth Estate,’ is the government’s voice.  Real journalism is the pursuit of truth ~

Where Did the Real Journalists Go?

Hardly any pure and real journalism occurs in any nation around the world nowadays, especially in the West.  Every earthly citizen that is connected to the open internet now has an opportunity to find out what might be really going on in our world, but this window is presently closing.  Censorship on Google and social media are occurring at an accelerated pace.

I suggest we all become citizen journalists, with real journalism being exercised in the purest sense.  After all, many if not most of us now have smartphones.  And though, even as the primary current platforms from which we exchange information and ideas are compromised and propagandized, we find alternate websites and ways to continue to enjoy this fortunate, globally connected time we happen to currently live in.

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