Health and Fitness is Vital for Life

My Health Story

Hi there, my name is T (aka ‘Timothy Bartsch’). I am an HIV positive musician who tested for the virus in 1996. I took anti-retroviral medications for two years post-diagnosis but then stopped medicating or seeing a doctor for the following ten years. In 2009, I nearly died from AIDS, spending six months in the hospital. Fortunately, due to medical treatment and resuming ARVs, I left the hospital with an immune system well on its road to recovery, despite sustaining potentially permanent lower spinal cord damage.

My Health Goals

Ever since testing HIV positive, I became hypersensitive to my health, and have strived to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise. Especially since I nearly died from AIDS. My goal is to one day to walk and even run without mobility aids.

My Method

In 2014, I became vegetarian, eating mostly organic foods, and since, my physical health and clarity of mind have been relatively exceptional. In 2016, I started seeing a naturopath, and have subsequently been receiving weekly acupuncture treatment and health advice. In 2018, I started seeing a physiotherapist, which has made me understand what it will take to get my mobility back to normal again. I also try to walk in nature or swim at least four times per week. And though I am now forty-three, people often comment on how young and healthy I look.

My Recommendation

I have found is that if one watches what they eat, regular exercises, and directs their health and self-care, the results of such are staggering. I almost forgot! A reliable and positive support network is essential.  I cannot emphasize these points enough; the positive impact on your physical, emotional, and mental health will entirely blow you away.

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