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These are some of the demo versions of the songs that will be heard in the Southern Time Tetralogy.

Building a ‘rock opera’ from ground up while living with HIV has not been an easy go.  However, persistence and a loving support network prevail in the end.  The demos ‘Poor Soul’ and ‘Imaginary’ were 2011 redone versions of their original recordings in 2004.  ‘Lost in Love’ was recorded in 2017.  ‘Neville’ was live-recorded from my performance (and our backup singers at the time) in 2018. ‘Desert Moon’ was demo-recorded in 2004 for the original stage production. The Southern Time (ringtone) I snipped from the intro to the recording of the song ‘Southern Time’ I recorded in 2005.

Poor Soul is the opening song/dream sequence of the first film of the tetralogy, ‘Southern Time, Deception.’  It is a nightmare montage that visits all the fears and demons inside Dreamer’s head.

Imaginary is the final full song heard and shown in ‘ST, D.’  As it plays, the history and potential deleterious future of humankind, tied to Dreamer’s own perceived destruction, is shown in a discotheque dance sequence in Germany — shortly after Dreamer discovers his HIV positive status.

Lost in Love is the title song of the Southern Time Tetralogy’s overture album-to-be ‘Lost in Love No More.’  I wrote it in 2016.  It tells the story of my journey with Love, especially since I contracted HIV.  I adore Kobena’s waxing guitars.

Desert Moon is the opening dream sequence of the second movie of the tetralogy, ‘Southern Time.’  It occurs as Dreamer returns to Canada on a plane, after testing positive for HIV.  Dreamer imagines that he is an astronaut that intentionally crashed his starship into a deserted, desert moon, to isolate himself from a civilization that caused him so much pain.

Neville is a song I wrote with the cello professor who infected me with HIV, a couple of years after I nearly died from AIDS in 2009.  This song’s composition was a promise of our eventual reconciliation.

Southern Time is the first song I wrote, a few months after I returned from Germany as I was turning 21.  The life-saving medications-to-be were just introduced to the public to control HIV’s replication the previous year.  At that time, having HIV was still a death sentence or meant having a greatly-reduced lifespan and identifying as heterosexual, I felt no woman would ever love me again.  I related more to people living in the developing world more than people in the so-called ‘First World.’ Moreover, though I quit studying classical music upon diagnosis, I wanted to make the most of my talents to make the world a better place with whatever time I had left.

The ‘Southern Time Band‘ will record and compose the music in the Southern Time Tetralogy, including the tetralogy’s overture album, ‘Lost in Love No More‘ beginning in 2020.  The Southern Time Band will also commence its first world tour following the overture album’s release.

The Southern Time Band will be the musical forerunner of what Southern Time Productions produces musically going forward.  In the future, we will produce other like-minded musicians and their projects.

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.”

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