Pedophilic Control Files Rule the (Western) World?

Hi, y’ all. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you all are enjoying your summers.  I sure am!!!  My fiancé and I will soon be leaving for vacation to B.C. (Canada) to visit my mom and stepdad and friends in Vancouver.  We will then take a ferry trip to Bella Coola up B.C.’s Central Coast.  FUN!!!!  Will post photos on Southern Time’s social media accounts.

As the topic that the title of this blog implies, and with Jeffrey Epstein being in the mainstream news (again), this is an issue (aka ‘conspiracy theory’) that first raised its head in the 1980s in the U.S.

Franklin and the Finders

I am talking about the Franklin Scandal. George Bush Sr. as well as other high-level U.S. politicians, were suggested they were involved in a child prostitution ring.  Then, along came allegations that a group based in Washington, D.C. called ‘The Finders’ were trafficking children, as many unkempt children with signs of abuse were found in a van in Florida in 1987, apparently on their way to a ‘brilliant school in Mexico.’  The story appeared in the local newspaper one week that year, then disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Many chalked these stories up to the ‘Satanic panic’ of the 1980s in America.


Jeffrey Epstein was first accused of running his prostitution ring of underage girls in 2005.  The world first learned of his ‘Lolita Express’ that flew high-level politicians, celebrities, scientists (e.g., Stephen Hawking) and royalty to his ‘Pedophile Island.’  Although he had to officially register as a sex offender, he quickly got a sweetheart deal and did not spend any real time in prison.

Savvy Savile and Hellish Heath

Then, came along the British scandals of Jimmy Savile and Prime Minister Edward Heath as posthumously being identified as having been predatory child sexual abusers for decades in the 2010s.  Also, one cannot forget ‘Pizzagate’ in the U.S. that many chalked up to being yet another conspiracy theory — which it may have been.

Institutional Genocide

However, the scandals of multitudes of Catholic priests, Cardinals and higher being accused and convicted of pedophilic misdeeds since the 2000s alongside the awareness of the mass murder in Indigenous residential schools in Canada is of urgent concern.

Back to Jeffrey

And now, Epstein is in the news again.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  If a relatively few people wanted to control the affairs of our world, how would they do it? As any mobster can tell you, blackmail works.

We live in a time when lies and deceit are being exposed, and pretty much the only thing one can trust is their intuition and deductive thinking.  Indeed, not our governments, institutions, and the lamestream media.  Let’s build a world of leaders free from being compromised.  It starts with us — being honest with ourselves and everyone around us, doing our utmost to doing no harm to individuals who have less power or privilege than us. For, the moral qualities of leaders only rise from the noble traits of the masses.

Have a great summer!!!

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